The Bitcoin Cash Fund

The Bitcoin Cash Fund is an early stage venture capital group with over a decade of experience investing into a diversified portfolio blockchain based projects, fintech and digital securities markets. 

Roger Ver’s track record as an angel and professional investor, his influence in the crypto space, and his established network, provide access to and attract the most promising startups.

We give preference to Bitcoin Cash and SLP based projects.

Investment Thesis

Decentralized Finance:

The introduction of Cashscript 
enables startups to build smart 
contract driven DApps on the 
BCH blockchain.

Within DeFi, the fund will invest 
primarily in non-custodial 
financial services to bring those 
that lack access to traditional 
banks and financial institutions 
into the fold.


 To drive mainstream adoption 
of Bitcoin Cash, individuals and 
businesses need to be able to 
seamlessly buy and spend their 
crypto, whether in a P2P 
fashion, at brick and mortar 
retail outlets, or for goods and 
services online.

As a result, the fund will invest 
in startups that are building and 
scaling payment gateways, 
processors, wallets and merchant acquirers.


SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) was 
introduced in 2019 and enables 
anyone to easily and quickly 
create, issue, and manage tokens. 

The fund will invest in and support 
startups that are building 
businesses that incorporate SLP 
tokens into their operations, 
primarily within the FinTech space.


 Outside of the fund’s 3 core themes, it will also selectively invest in other areas.
For example, in:

– Startups developing compelling 
business support and ERP platforms 
(e.g. payroll, HR, accounting).

– Decentralized media, news, and 
information sharing businesses

– E-commerce platforms and 

Decentralized Finance Payments SLP Other


Our Investment Process

1. Initial Screen

All directly sourced and inbound deal flow will be screened by one Partner.

Pitch decks are the initial screen, followed by a call with the founder if the startup fits the fund’s mandate.

2. Initial Due Diligence (DD)

Preliminary DD includes assessment of team, product / service, traction, competitive landscape, business model, etc. Follow-up calls with founders, Internal partner meeting to ensure high-level alignment.

3. Investment Memo & Final DD

The investment memo is drafted while the team completes legal, financial and technical (integration) DD.

Results are incorporated into the investment memo.

4. Investment Committee

The Investment Committee reviews the deal material and meets for a vote. 

The 4 person IC requires a majority vote for the deal to be approved.

Investment Strategy

Balance sheet investments & OnChain Capital Accelerator

Bitcoin.com selectively invests in and incubates startups strategic to the company and the success of BCH

A dedicated team, in addition to developers and customer acquisition specialists, support product development and market access

BCH Ecosystem Fund investments

5-25% equity stakes in Series A & B stage startups via various sourcing channels, including accelerator graduates that have been through intensive technical due diligence, at advantageous terms

Follow-on investments & Exchange listing

The Fund will continue to support successful portfolio companies with expansion capital, in addition to helping them list on the Bitcoin.com Exchange, as appropriate

Fund 1

Fund 2


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